Automotive industry is on the rise?

In the same time, the auto that is intelligent is rapidly going on the drawing board to the roads. As an apparent harbinger to the sovereign vehicle, the intelligent auto may give motorists a first taste of the encounter of relinquishing control of a vehicle. With such functions as self-braking, self-parking, automatic cruise control according to road conditions, automatic injury-avoidance characteristics, computer-controlled power steering, and electrical parking brakes, along with electronic accelerators and engine control.

The concept of completely autonomous vehicles is too futuristic for much of the driving people to adopt right now. But for automakers, the path from modern versions of driver-less cars will be an exciting span of transformation. Tremendous chances are represented by these brand new developments as they augur a dangerous, unsteady period for the business. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) must browse the challenges of design, production, and updating traditional power-train versions while staking a claim in leading new technologies as well as improved customer experiences.